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Friday, 17 December 2010

Kenzo's Nomadic 40th Anniversary

I do realise that this post is a little late, as it's from Paris SS11 Fashion Week, BUT, I thought these clothes were far too great to ignore! Kenzo celebrated 40 years of their existence with the most spectacular finale leading on from the SS11 show. These heavily costumed doll like figures marched out and stood on a huge revolving circular platform. I love their whole look - I find the layered-up, eclectic, prints, nomadic-like outfits so inspiring, timeless, colourful and beautiful. This worldly look has influenced so many designers, from Comme to Westwood, but this catwalk has really made me look at Kenzo in a new light. I wish they'd give us more like this every season! So good!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Sunday, 28 November 2010

_ Ever Loved an Entire Collection???

I fell in love with Natalie Rae Richardson's collection as pictured here, I would love every piece of it!! This collection will be up on Tout Nouveau's website in two weeks....The other designer I loved (as pictured in the last two photos) is Daisy Newman. So keep an eye on the site, it will be launched this week. What do you think??

Saturday, 27 November 2010


I am blogging from 'Real World Gallery' where the Tout Nouveau Launch weekend is happening. There are some amazing sample pieces of the artists and fashion designers which are being sold through the company. If your in Brick Lane tomorrow for the market please come down and have a look round. The gallery will be open from 12 onwards. The website will be up and running on Monday 29th November EXCITING!!!!Photos will follow...the address is 65 Hanbury Street, E1. Don't miss out!!!!Bx

Thursday, 4 November 2010

_Behind the scenes at the Tout Nouveau Shoot

Styling: Ashlie Dixon, Rachel Wotherspoon
Make-up: Samantha Warrington
Photographer(behind the scenes):Rory van Millingen
Gemma Francis -top shoot
Yuco Kamiyama- shoot no.2
Oana Balan- last shoot

This shoot was for Tout Nouveau, you can see how amazing the clothes are! I really can't wait for their website to be launched, the designers they have hand-picked are really special. I need to start making some bucks!Keep up to date with their blog here!!!!!

Monday, 1 November 2010

_Tout Nouveau Shoot

About a month ago I did a photoshoot for 'Tout Nouveau' - a new website that is launching this month. I will be blogging live from the event, so will give you a full review and info then!! Here are some motos (moving photos) from the shoot, I will put some photos up soon, when i get hold of them!

TN1 from Rory van Millingen on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

_''A Shoe fit for 'The King''.....

The Winner of the Clarks Shoes Competition 'Every Shoe tells a Story' has today been announced as.....(drum role please!)........Lisa Hughes
Have a look at her entry here !!
What a lucky lady- she has now won a £3000 trailfinders girt card.During the Facebook competition Clarks also gave away 7 pairs of shoes a week for 6 weeks to winners from all over the world chosen by judges.
Amazing, I think I've done enough shoe purchasing for autumn/winter so far, don't know about you!!?

Friday, 15 October 2010

_Vivienne Westwood Gold Label SS11

Here are some photos of my fave outfits from the Westwood Show just been, in Paris. I love the Heart-shaped top!Very sweetheart!! I also really like the bright blue brocade bondage boots in the 3rd photo in the first series...The leopard print suit is crazy!!I think the collection overall was very eclectic, some really lovely peices I'd like in my wardrobe! What did you think??

Friday, 24 September 2010


I have literally just arrived off the plane.Been on holiday for duex weeks, and been looking at shows on on my phone, by the way when are they gna get a blog app for iphone???I really like alot of the Topshop Unique collection, although it reminds me of alot of some other designers all fused into one!I LOVE the sunglasses in the first photo and the general firey colours, and patterns. The bright yellow tassled bag is cute, and the tassled shoes. I like the juxtaposition of strong prints against soft, floaty materials, I'd love lots of this collection in my wardrobe next Summer!Bx

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

'Every Shoe Tells a Story'

I am posting alongside the 'Clarks:Every Shoe tells a story' Campaign.You can add your very own story the their facebook page with the chance to win a prize each day. The overall winner will recieve 3,000 pounds worth of Trailfinders vouchers!! Being a bit of a shoe addict I have many pairs. But a girl always has her very faves... Be it heels or flats, stilettos or wedges, there is the right pair for each specific occasion. I think as a girl Clarks were definitely my favourite shoes,I loved being taken to get some navy blue mary-janes. I think desert boots are a classic and therefore timeless.I recently bought these turquoise platform sandals from Office, and I'm really loving them at the moment.
Although I'm a westwood pirate-boot girl, and love my converse when i'm feeling lazy, I think my all-time favourites are my Dr.Martens. I started off with a pair of black leather boots when i was about 16, i asked my mum to take me to the shop in Covent Garden, that's when I got hooked!But now, i'm in love with the low-top shoes. The story of these shoes are..I went to the factory shop in Northampton, and liked the fact that they were made in England, instead of production being taken to eastern Europe or further. The thing with these shoes is they will last my life-time, if not my childrens. I can wear them with everything, they are a classic.When the craze for Dr.Martens came back recently people were buying them from vintage shops, second-hand. So god only knows what stories they entail!The best thing is they get better with age too, and become molded to the shape of your feet.I'm sure they will hold a lot of memories for me when I reminisce about them in years to come!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

_Mon Fringe!!!

Here is a photo of my new fringe, well its been around for a week now, but only just found a photo!This is me today before work, I thought this camera lens would be good as glasses!Anyway, hope u'v all had a lovely sunday and have a good Bank Hols tomorrow!Bx

Thursday, 26 August 2010

_Chloe Sevigny in Mr Nice

I recently found out Howard Marks' autobiography Mr Nice is being made into a film, it's coming out 8th October and features Chloe Sevigny! i havent seen her act in ages, if she's as good as she is in Kids, then it'll be a winner! bx

_Stam Rocks!

Following in line with my recent punk -> rock -> grunge thing, i found these two photos of Jessica Stam. It's cool seeing a different side to her, it reminds me of an early Chloe Sevigny, the 90's NYC look as opposed to looks wise. So simple but capturing a part of her youth. Love it! bx

_This is England 86'

C'mon, who's excited..?! I seriously can't wait for this to be screened! The series starts on 7th September and I think it either has 3 or 4 parts. That's me sorted! bx

_Jumanji in the Attic

I love this shoot! It reminds me of the film Jumanji, where they're up in that crazy attic! I love the mix of b&w and colour and the use of crude strip lighting. The use of animal prints surely makes this highly linked to the film, right? The patterns and textures really stand out when it's monochrome, so bold. The models are Egle Tvirbutaite and Annemarie van Dijk and it's been photographed by Phil Poynter for Vogue Italia. bx