Sunday, 29 August 2010

_Mon Fringe!!!

Here is a photo of my new fringe, well its been around for a week now, but only just found a photo!This is me today before work, I thought this camera lens would be good as glasses!Anyway, hope u'v all had a lovely sunday and have a good Bank Hols tomorrow!Bx

Thursday, 26 August 2010

_Chloe Sevigny in Mr Nice

I recently found out Howard Marks' autobiography Mr Nice is being made into a film, it's coming out 8th October and features Chloe Sevigny! i havent seen her act in ages, if she's as good as she is in Kids, then it'll be a winner! bx

_Stam Rocks!

Following in line with my recent punk -> rock -> grunge thing, i found these two photos of Jessica Stam. It's cool seeing a different side to her, it reminds me of an early Chloe Sevigny, the 90's NYC look as opposed to looks wise. So simple but capturing a part of her youth. Love it! bx

_This is England 86'

C'mon, who's excited..?! I seriously can't wait for this to be screened! The series starts on 7th September and I think it either has 3 or 4 parts. That's me sorted! bx

_Jumanji in the Attic

I love this shoot! It reminds me of the film Jumanji, where they're up in that crazy attic! I love the mix of b&w and colour and the use of crude strip lighting. The use of animal prints surely makes this highly linked to the film, right? The patterns and textures really stand out when it's monochrome, so bold. The models are Egle Tvirbutaite and Annemarie van Dijk and it's been photographed by Phil Poynter for Vogue Italia. bx

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

_Tonight in Black & White

I've been wearing my hair in a turban today, just used a bright red peice of stretch cotton, I'm loving my new low-top dms too! is it too much to get them in burgundy as well?! bx

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

_Aggy in New York

I LOVE this photoshoot by Alasdair McLellan, styled by Beat Bollinger. It took place in New York. My favourite photo is the second of the first set. I love the light, and the white mesh top. It reminds me a bit of the aesthetic Shane meadows went for in his film 'This is England', sort of hard edge, raw, Aggy is quite androgynous in this photo, with her short hair, and tom-boy vibe. Far from the catwalk or high-end fashion shoots.There is nothing feminine about her in this photo, and I think this creates a seductive demur about her. The first photo reminds me a bit of a tramp on a bench, obviously she is far from this, but it makes her look free, in the 'you can be anything' mentality of New York. I'm liking her shaved head, not many girls can pull this off, especially in the first photo of the second set, her hair is harsh whilst her eyes are soft and cloudy. Lovely Shoot!Photos found on Vmagazines website...

_The Latest Westwood Campaign

Here are some photos from the AW10/11 Westwood Campaign. Were in for a good collection this winter!I'm quite looking forward to winter coats and thick tights and cable knit scarves! If the summer had been better here in England I would have been longing for it to continue, but in late August I'm sat here wearing high Dr.Martins and thick leggings! One thing I would LOVE for this Winter is a sheepskin Acne leather jacket....i wish!! Bx

_Galibardy Jewellery

I came across this jewellery website called, and was surprised by how cheap it was, obviously its not all silver, but in their 'boutique' section some of it is. I love the 'buffalo feather necklace', and might treat myself to it next pay day!Their are some nice rings, and other necklaces, the antlers are interesting, feast your eyes..what do you think?

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


I've been in Northampton, so went for a trip to the Dr.Martens Factory Shop, if you've been following this blog for a while then you might remember my post about The Church's Fac Shop. I get so excited when i hear about factory shops, sample sales and general bargain places! Well this was well worth the trip, there was ample to choose from, whilst I left with 2 shoe boxes, trying to be sensible, my other half left with 3! The pricing is ridiculously low, especially seeing as these shoes last you for life pretty much! I got these brother-creeper-esq boots in the second pic, and also a pair of black classic original shoes, the only range that are still made in England. You'll be seeing the black pair in following posts, they have already become a staple piece to my wardrobe!