Friday, 25 September 2009

_A Child of The Jago LFW

On wednesday evening we went to the first ever Child of the Jago Show. This was one of the best shows at LFW, its the most exciting, fresh and unique concept in fashion at the moment. It's pushing the boundaries, its truly being avant- garde and after the show there was a sense that everyone experienced something amazing, that we were all honered to have been there because it was a momentus occasion that will be remembered and have a domino effect. The venue was Wilton's Music Hall east London, near Aldgate East station. As We walked around quite a barren area we looked down the alley of the road and at first I thought it was just a bar and not the venue yet! From the outside all you could see was the bar, people drinking and smoking, the walls had an old finish of sanded down wood, a bit like a pirate ship. We had just got a drink and then we saw Vivienne arrive and then Boy George, Judy Blame amongst others. However, it didn't have all the Kanye's and Sarah Hardings in the audience, the people who were there really mattered and knew about this emerging talent. It was intimate, the audience really mostly knew either Barnzley or Jo Corre ( Vivienne's son) who co-own and run the label. The models sort of danced down the runway to the music, they walked as if they owned the clothes, they played up to them and showed them off. Not in an unenthusiastic way that most shows dictate. The clothes will speak for themselves, but the photos don't explain the theatrical performance that was experienced there.

The collection contained 50 outfits. All the suits were made by saville-row trained tailors, the tee-shirts were punk inspired, the shoes were either brogues or these amazing tapestry/kilim rug shoes made up by John Lobb. The styling was brilliant. It's such a shame when a catwalk is styled badly, it lets it down at the last hurdle, this show however was amazing in all areas.

Here is me at the bar after, I'm wearing socks and kilt:Vivienne Westwood-World's End, Cardigan and Body:Vivienne Westwood Gold Label, Elevated Pirate Boots:Vivienne Westwood, Barbed wire necklace:Agent Provocateur.

This snapshot video was taken of the finale. The strobe didn't feature throughout the catwalk! Such a great show, and afterparty at Barnzleys!

_Studio_805 @ Vauxhall Fashion Scout

So, On Wednesday we arrived at Freemasons Hall on Great Queen Street,Covent Garden, to help out a friend- Andrew Bannister whos label is called Studio_805. The room we were in was hair and make-up and we helped put the clothes on rails and dress the models, in time for the presentation upstairs. I was at front of house, making sure people who wanted to see the show were let in. Then Rory was asked to model as one didn't show. Lots of people turned up and the collection was fantastic, the scaling of the garments appeared to be menswear but he works very much to the basis of androginy,the collection was based on "top-shelf glamour meets country casual". Andrew's attention to detail is very apparent, the finish on each item was of the highest standard, the blow-up pink boobs were amazing-made of pvc and hanging on a heavy-weight chain. Materials that featured were fur, pvc, wood-print cotton, lycra, cord and airtex. Just as with the mouth-tape on his last LFW collection, there were red lip mouth-pieces which gave the expression of shock on the models, and this echoed onto the audience. The jewellery was equally impressive, with bird wings and heads dipped in electric blue latex.

Monday, 21 September 2009

_Red Label SS10

The Red Label Show was a bit disapointing to be honest, Although maybe i'm feeling a bit bitter as was meant to be going, but staff weren't invited this time. We were invited to the After Party but I wasn't jetting down just for that! There always has to be some kind of politics going on at Fashion Week, it's all part of it! Here are some of my favourite outfits... (from left to right), In the first one I like the deep sky t-shirt, This is a slogan used on a famous blazer from 'mini-crini' SS'85. In the second photo I love the argyle skirt and matching cropped bodice. In the third photo Daisy Lowe is wearing sailor-esque shorts which are more like gold label than Red Label,in design and fabric. The shoes are melissa winged rocking-horse, AMAZING!! Can't wait for these to arrive in store, we'll be selling them after Christmas. The shorts in the fourth photo are all i like about the out-fit,( seems like shorts were the high-light for me!), the pockets in a blue and white stripe are poking out the bottom-this is something Vivienne often weaves into her designs, its interesting and gives the shorts a different structure and dimention. It's funny because when I'm in my uniform at work customers are constantly trying to put the material of my pocket back into my skirt- I just smile and explain that that's how its meant to be- the skirts got a life of its own!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

_Rankin Live

I took these naughty photos as cameras were strictly prohibited!

4.Silk Blazer:Zara, T-shirt: Vivienne Westwood Gold Label, Dress (worn as skirt): American Apparel. Tote Bag: Vivienne Westwood Gold Label, Watch: Casio. All other Jewellery: Vivienne Westwood.

Went to the Rankin exhibition, It was good, he's not my favourite photographer, but it was a massive retrospective, and well worth going to. Although I didn't pay £50 to get my own photo done by him, there was a photoautomat box, which i LOVED!! I have missed these booths so much, and it was only £2 a go! Amazing, definitely made my day!

_Churches vs Crockett & Jones

Before my arrival in London, We stopped off in Northamptonshire and visited the factory shops of Churches and Crockett and Jones. This is where the two old English shoe companies began. I realised that they are rivals to each other. Although I don't own a pair myself, Churches is my fave, a friend used to work for them and his uniform was made and designed by Prada. They part own the company. Here are some phots of both...


1. Ostrich Leather Brogue, absolutely gorgeous, these shoes are so well made, and these ones are samples (only sold here in the factory shop) Brilliant if your a size 4, unfortunately I'm a size 5, also, as these are samples they are less than half the prices of those in the shops.

2. This shoe is a white leather brogue with a golf shoe style flat tassle piece on top and cute little gold buckle. These were amazing, I managed to squeeze my foot in with a shoe-horn, but they were way too small!

3. This photo is at Crockett and Jones, I'm wearing Blazer:Aquascutum found in a charity shop, Booster Top:Vivienne Westwood Anglomania,Blue Denim Jeans:Topshop,Seditionary Boots:Vivienne Westwood,made-to-order, World's End specials).

4. This is the bf at C&J's surrounded by shoes, he's wearing Shirt: Vivienne Westwood Man.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

_Gone home to London

Gone home to London for just over a week, got time off from work so I can have a break and go to some galleries, and next week i'll be going to some shows at LFW. Which I can't wait to go to! Will post again soon, B x

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

_Chanel Look Book SS'95

I've got this Chanel look-book from SS'95, it's so nineties its amazing! The collection is modeled by Claudia Schiffer and Helena Christensen. I like that the book is hard-back, and all the photos are set on a white background, giving all the attention to the clothes. It's so clean and refreshing. It speaks a lot about the era, graphics and magazine design now is so different.


After remembering my dream last night which involved lola-the new perfume by Marc Jacobs, I felt it necessary to blog about it. I now recollect actually smelling it in my dream (didn't realise our senses were active whilst we are sleeping!) It is sooo lush, it smells perfume i've come across in a while, and that's after a few trips to the duty free in airports this summer!

Monday, 7 September 2009


The new Purple is out, I haven't been able to purchase one yet, but as soon as I get my ass down to London (next week) it'll be my first purchase. Magazines have taken a chunk out of my pay check this past week, with i-D, POP and LOVE, and now, by far my favourite magazine... Purple. Pop this month is such a good issue, I thought they had stopped it completely and that love had taken over. I have been really enjoying the varying page materials in pop, that's something I love about Purple.

Sunday, 6 September 2009


I found these photos on ffffound, i think they are originally from a japanese magazine. I love the mood of all of them, especially the last one, the exagerated proportions of the pirate hat and the mundane background contrasted with the luxe material of her dress. Didn't mean to make a theme of different coloured hair!! But I like that too!

Saturday, 5 September 2009


I suppose I should really explain more about me and what I do, and along with that why I started this blog. I'm currently a student living in Leeds,England. I grew up in London, and as soon as I hit 18 I wanted to experience somewhere else, so I opted for a city the other end of England. Ever since moving It's become more and more apparent to me that normally its the other way around! So many people are flocking to London, and see it as our English version of 'The American Dream'. For me it will always be the best city in the world, I loved growing up around a culture so diverse. Although I have always been interested in fashion, I never saw it as something I would do as a job. I am a bit of a clash between some one who seeks intellectual knowledge (a philosopher) and someone who loves the beauty of the exterior and the creativity of dressing,clothes and clothes as a display of our culture/era(fashionista!). I love creating an outfit to express your mood. Thats one reason why I started this blog, I want to display what I see about the world. Our time is so fast-changing that I want to capture what I think is important, and to put my stamp on it. I feel as if there is so much I want to say and post about, I wish I had more time to spend on this blog because I'm really loving doing it! Got so many gorge phots to put up, just you wait!....x

ps.i forgot to say I work at Vivienne Westwood, so i indulge my clothes loving there.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Aside from working at VW all summer, which has taken all my time and energy, I did manage to get away for ten days in July and ten days in August, Morocco was the latter. I went with Rory and it was practically the dream holiday. It's somewhere I've always wanted to go to I suppose I'm drawn to it because its in Africa and is full of its very own colourful culture. The Markets are amaze too, if not tiring, you leave never knowing the actual price of anything, and feel blessed that in our country theres a price tag on everything! Here's some pics..

_Love Magazine

The second edition of Love is out. There's a good shoot in there with Pixie, the issue is about new blood, so everyone in it is under 21, interesting idea!