Saturday, 31 October 2009

_My LOVE for warehouse sales!!!

I went to a warehouse sale yesterday and got so many goodies, sort of blown my budget a bit for November, but have no regrets!! So am going to post up some photos shortly...

Thursday, 29 October 2009

_The Quarry

These are a couple of photos from a shoot I did yesterday up in the Yorkshire Moors. It was such a cold day so had to wrap up. It was so sunny when we left Leeds, but by the time we got up there it had disappeared. The afternoon Autumn sun gives photos such magic and unfortunately that wasn't present..! Maybe next time!Ha. Jacket: Vivienne Westwood Man, punk muslin: Boy London, Boots: DM's, Tights: Vivienne Westwood, Necklace: from Morocco.

Thursday, 22 October 2009


I'm planned on heading upto Newcastle to the Baltic Art Gallery. It's got three really great exhibitions on all at one time. I swear that's pretty rare! Normally there's only one that you want to visit..! Anyway, it's Martin Parr's PARRWORLD, Malcolm McLaren's Shallow and Damien Hirst's Pharmacy. They all run from now until early Jan/Feb 2010.

It's the only UK date for PARRWORLD which is cool, normally artists choose to exhibit in London if only showing once..! He's shot under a new title of Luxury, which will be interesting to see as he's known for his more gritty social realist work.

McLaren's work for Shallow falls under the 'musical painting' moniker. He cuts and pastes clips from old movies, the footage shows the time before people have sex. I only really relate McLaren to Westwood, Pistols, Bow Wow Wow etc, so will be good to see this side of him.

The Baltic are simply showing Hirst's Pharmacy exhibiton from '92. I like that though as I was only 4 back then so gives people another chance to see these particular works.

I'll let you know how it is when I get back, I'll try take some photos for those who can't visit.

_PSS Shoot.

I'm back!!! Not that I've been away away, but haven't had time to blog for so long, sorry guys!!I've gone back to uni and this year is suddenly a lot harder and a lot more work. But the other day a friend from work asked if Rory and I could model for one of their projects. Their both fashion students in their final year, they photographed and styled the studio shoot and the clothes were all borrowed from Paper Scissor Stone, in fact the studio was out the back of the shop! Here are some snapshots I took, I'm sure their photos are a lot better!! They stock some interesting brands, these clothes range from Henrik Vibskov, Won Hundred, Something Else, Wood Wood.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

_Chanel's Cloggs

It is destiny!!I have been saying how much I miss cloggs from growing up, I distinctly remember my pink and white patent ones and black leather ones with the brown wooden base. And now, Chanel has brought out these AMAZING heeled cloggs on their SS10 catwalk, mmmmmmm!


I've been keeping an eye on Glovedup for a while now, they make some really good gloves, and are advertised quite a lot in photoshoots in mags and also by pop stars like Lady GaGa,HA!! They have just made some new ones here are some photos from their website, check it

Monday, 5 October 2009

_Want Want Want

Rose Stem Necklace in Yellow Gold and Oxidised Silver.

Black Leather Gloves with White Gold Nails

I know I'm not stopping press by blogging about these but I just LOVE the jewellery by Dominic Jones! His range is gothic, but not in a dark way, it's more feminine and precious, but with an edge. He creates molds of thorns and spikes and casts them in rose and yellow gold. These biker gloves are so good! It's a design that you wish you had thought of first! You should check out his website and get some of it before it's all gone!

_Opening Ceremony x Pendleton

I saw these amazing Native American Indian inspired woolen bags on Colette! Opening Ceremony have done a new collaboration with the historic brand Pendleton to mark their 100th anniversary. They'd be so nice for an overnight bag! I love the juxtaposition of the turquoise and beige with the yellows and reds, but then I think the contrasts in the darker bag make it stronger... which do you prefer? At £78 I'm tempted to get both!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

_Bleached 501's

I found these bleached jeans in a vintage shop in Leeds, I had to rummage through a box to find them but it really paid off! Were only £5 which I thought was a right bargain! I think they look like clouds which is dreamy, for S/S 09 JCdC used a similar idea for one of his main prints.

I cropped the plain white vintage tee making it more wearable and 80's. Moschino belt: thrift shop. Pirate socks: Worlds End. Roman 3 straps: Vivienne Westwood made to order. Knuckleduster & Penis drop pendant: Vivienne Westwood. Kilt pin earrings: I made.

The jeans reminded me of this photo I saw in Gavin Watson's 'Skins and Punks' book. There are some inspirational images of young skinheads in the years following the explosive movement of 1976.

_Gold Label @ Paris Fashion Week

So the Gold Label is shown in Paris, and nothing more perfect than at Hotel Pozzo di Borgo. A beautiful Chateau, the models walked around the golden ornate corridors, seemingly escaping from a fire caused by climate change-As this is the re-occuring theme in Vivienne's latest collections, It is a very important issue for her, and so the topic is weaved into her creations. Painted across the clothes were slogans such as 'loyalty to Gaia'. James Lovelock is someone whom Vivienne has found truth and guidance from and someone she admires for his great knowledge about the world, it is he who began the theory or hypothesis of Gaia. It is concerned ultimatley with the Earth and its complex interactive system. The collection is highlighting the belief that the Earth will soon hit crisis point and when it does we will all go with it. The models hair was back-combed and sprayed wonderful red, orange and purple colours, symbolising fire and smoke.

I absolutely love this Clint Eastwood coat in the first picture, I have a feeling it will be showpiece, but I'm hoping it's not! The colours are gorgeous. The crayoned outfit to the left is amazing also, I think the skirt would look nice hitched up into a dress!

This Shirt is beautiful, it reminds me of the anarchy shirts from Seditionaries, 1976. The whole outfit is brilliant, the ripped up tights with strips of fire embroidered into the sides, the anarchic history fits in well with the chaotic theme of the collection. The tights in the picture on the right are unique, with a pattern on one leg and letters spelling out 'DIY'. The shorts are delish! In fact the shirt from the left photo with the shorts from the right would be amazing together! But I love these outfits equally!

Love Love LOVE the knitwear and the design, the colours and patterns!!!

These Trousers, ughghghghg, are like no others I've ever seen! The style is typical of Gold Label, but they go so well with the print. Can you imagine someone walking down the street in these!!

And here's the Dame herself embodying the collection, she's even sporting the hair style! Well done Vivienne and Andreas for an incredible collection!