Tuesday, 6 December 2011

_Martina Spetlova

For me, London hosts and often gives birth to the most inspiring and exciting emerging designers. A prime example of this is Martina Spetlova who is currently drawing much attention even though having finished her MA at St.Martin's less than two years ago! Her designs are sold through the reputable LN-CC store and online website. I first saw her work through Oh Elle, who styles her look books and has used her designs in shoots along side this, Martina is much the stylists dream as her work has been seen in magazines such as i-D, Vogue and Husk. I have been most attracted to these amazing knitwear dresses...

Her use of mis-matched materials and patch-worked leather is captivating even more so because of the array of bright and bold colours. I really think these items are ones to touch, by that I mean that they feel so different to what they look like. The leather is so soft and looks amazing in natural light, fish-skin leather is used, and as with a real live fish, it captures light in its own specific way. The thick knit, like this dress above is so thick, that when worn it gives the body a particular feminine structure. They really are special pieces, every girl should have in her wardrobe, Im so excited for next season, iv got butterflies already! Martina Spetlova really is one to watch!

Photo 1 : Anyone know please tell me!
Photos 2 & 3 : Katarzyna Wozniak

Sunday, 18 September 2011

_JW Anderson SS12

Photography © Rory van Millingen

Yesterday I was working as a dresser backstage at the JW Anderson Show, I had great fun! The collection is beautiful. I loved the leather detailing mixed with delicate silks and satin fabrics, and the tasseled edging. Their are quite a few pieces I could easily fit into my wardrobe! In particular I liked the leather jacket with white leather stitching and candy striped paneling. The patterned shirts with industrial back-pack- like harness straps. Leather is one of my favourite materials, and I liked seeing it manipulated and used in different ways. What did you think of the collection?

_Impressed by Meadham Kirchhoff

I've been meaning to write about Meadham Kirchhoff now since I read an interview with them in the latest LOVE issue (which was weeks ago!), and now I've just read another interview in ES Magazine, I thought it's about time I express my response/

Also, I've neglected this blog for far too long now, with ending my final year of university and moving down to London (no excuses), I can now focus more time on this.

So, anyway, here goes,

When I read the interview in Love Magazine I was pleasently surprised and impressed by the political message and opinions that guide and infuse the designs of Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff. I felt that they came across very well, to me they seemed totally sincere and explicit about their true feelings and views on the world. The openness and dis-regard to conform or be dictated by pre-established ideals within fashion, and especially for fashion designers, ran clear throughout both interviews. I feel as if they have almost invoked a kind of Copernican revolution, explaining the ridiculousness of magazines dictating what we should or shouldn't wear, likewise of what to expect from designers before the models have even walked down the catwalk! The limiting and constraining effect this has is global. But can be active without almost realising, although these two who obviously have a firm grasp on reality and their own minds as thinking beings (not just robots) have overstepped this dictatorial deficit.

What goes hand-in-hand with this is a re-occurring theme within their work, that of women's creativity and self-expression. Although feminism is thought of as an old theme, the way Meadham Kirchhoff detail it is in a new way, that is the current effect that the media, advertisement and technology (amongst other things) has had, which they say "kills the pride that women have established". Therefore, they feel that by presenting collections which embody the idea of self expression unbounded, that we will wear what we want rather than what might flatter us, or of what might be "in fashion" (I hate even writing that phrase!!)

These views, I felt came across in a very sound way, apart from loving their past collections aesthetically, the freedom from constraint and depiction of limitless self expression certainly ignites the same moral in me.

I find that the concepts behind many designers work seem either secondary to their designs (in that they may try to make their work seem more deep or meaningful than it perhaps is) or unecessary. However, Meadham Kirchhoff's political views seem to me to be very inspiring and dynamic.

The interview explained how the duo hardly ever leave their studio, and instead live in an "obsessive seclusion", their creativity bursting from inner feelings (be it anger or upset) which Ed explains as "a total reaction against what is around us in the outside world"

I thought I'd post some photos as a little retrospective before their show on Tuesday, as well as to detail my response to the interviews which had a lasting impression on me.
In the ES Magazine interview Ed explained People will not necessarily like what we do, but we give our entire selves to it. It would totally depress me if our clothes were something that people liked in a mediocre way... Well I most certainly wouldn't describe my love for their clothes in this way, hopefully one day I can afford them!!

Monday, 11 April 2011


Really liking all of these artificial hair colours!

Photos from 1:Haw-lin 2:The Browns Blog 3: Jak & Jil 4:cocosteaparty.com

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

_Suno A/W 11

I have to say I think this is one of my favourite new labels. I adore the shoes, ALL of them!! And the flowery prints, the mix of different prints within the same outfit, the cropped trousers and the layering. The range of materials is impressive, and although there seems to be a great array of colour the outfits seem harmonious and pleasing to the eye, not harsh but muted and sophisticated.


_Erdem A/W 11

I absolutely love the shirts in this collection, these two specifically I could quite easily slip into my wardrobe! I love the third outfit best, the maxi skirt with the shirt, it gives you masculinity and feminimity combined, and a touch more character with some spotty gloves if there wasn't enough already!

"His muse was an artist's wife who flies off the handle, tears apart her partner's canvases, and remakes them as pieces of clothing. With her darkened eyes and dishevelled hair, she had a wanton quality that the clothes picked up and ran with"

This quote is from Style.com's review of the show, its intriging to know the concept behind the creation. I love unusual prints and mixes of colour and Erdem has certainly excelled in that this A/W.

Photos: Style.com

Saturday, 19 February 2011

_Mood-board today.

....Some pictures i liked that i found on haw-lin.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

_ Pink to make the boys wink!

I got some lovely things in the habitat sale, these bright pink plastic glasses and a blue vase. Iv been wearing this bubblegum pink barry m nail varnish i got for christmas. This is a bit of a pink post although the photos are in black and white so you cant see! The 'madame' perfume is neon pink. Im in love with this cacharel oatmeal jumper i found on ebay, i feel very french in it!! Happy February, so long January....

_Swimming Pool Vogue Shoot

photographer: Marloes Horst
magazine: Vogue Japan, April 2010
photos taken from fashionising.com

I love swimming pool shoots. I ripped out an editorial from vogue as a teenager which is still on my wall at home, it has always been one of my favourite shoots, theres something so dreamy about being dressed up by the side of a pool!