Thursday, 25 February 2010


Ashish this season has really gone for the 'dressed-up /casual' idea. The overly luxurious sequined dresses mixed with casual knitwear cardigans,socks and hand-cuffs. I like the rastifarian vibe of hats and sunglasses, long oversized coats and long trousers with dresses over the top.The third photo is a key example whereby the casual shirt is ordained with sequins instead of denim or lumberjack which you would expect. It emphasizes androgyny, instead of girls wearing their boyfriends clothes, its girls wearing there own but with a tomboy sense.This idea is daring but conveys a feeling of confidence. The patterns are bold and with beautiful bright colours! Although sequins are Ashish's usual trick, He manages to use them in fresh ways each collection.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


I never told you about it at the time, (due to confidentiality) but about a month ago I went to do the buying of this collection for the Leeds Shop. It was so amazing to be at the show,to see the clothes put together in a new way on the catwalk. To see people wearing them and jumping down the catwalk in them. It really brings them alive. I feel so enthusiastic about selling them to customers now and showing them different combinations that they might not necessarily have put together.Am looking forward to collection arriving in the shop too!But for now I'm content with Spring/Summer too!

_Backstage > AfterParty

After the Show we went backstage, it was nice to talk to people about the show and hear their reactions. It was quite funny really because this guy kept trying to video Kate Moss and Vivienne chatting, but kept getting ask to leave because it wasn't allowed. The hype and liveliness was felt as others packed away the clothes, and models had their back-combed hair taken out. After we jumped in a cab to Bungalow 8, at St.Martins Lane Hotel to the after party...
When I get them, i'll put up some more photos of the after party. We were told at one point that photos inside weren't allowed, I think they like to keep it chilled out in there as the celebrities probs want a break from all the papping that happens outside. I was surprised that Kate and Vivienne and Andreas came to the after party, everyone enjoyed seeing them. The cocktails were gorgeous, this was my second night of free cocktails, so have been pretty worse for wear since then!! It was a really good after party, not too much pretentiousness, I think the atmosphere had carried on from the show. Thanks to the company for giving me such an amazing evening!

_Vivienne Westwood AW10 Catwalk Show

On Sunday Evening I went to the Vivienne Westwood Red Label AW10 Show at the Royal Courts of Justice. It was a really interesting venue as it felt almost Church-like inside, the music began with quite classical magical and fairylike sounds which echoed the ideas behind the collection. The Show went down a storm, with Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Janet Jackson, Tracey Emin and Mario Testino singing Vivienne's praises afterwards. The Collection contained exotic coloured plaids, pinks, fuscias, greens and blues, mixed with russian-doll-esque cardigans and tops. Tweed maxi coats and short double-breasted ones, some gorgeous glittery dresses that shone against the lights. The hats were also I highlight for me, cute little bonets in bright colours and padded flying hats. Although it was colourful it included classic dresses too like the cocktail corseted dress pixie wore. A very strong collection, the styling was lively and daring. The shoes were amazing, unfortunately I was unable to photograph them, but I'm sure you can see them on or catwalking. A unique touch was the Sigg aluminum waterbottles that were given out at the show, sending out an ecological message with 'Act Fast Slow Down' 'Stop Climate Change' written across it.A lovely memoir!

Monday, 22 February 2010

_Cocktail Mania at Lounge Lover

On Saturday night I went to 'Lounge Lover' which is part of 'les trois garcons', Shoreditch. It was a private party which meant we had the place to ourselves,the cocktails there are amazing!As you can tell from how many photos there are of the interior, I loved the venue! It had a perfect mix of old and new things, really interesting drawings on the wall and a wax torso which reminded me of the Welcome Collection, check it out its brill!It was really lovely to see some old friends and be in London with them again. I had a really good night here, and would recommend the venue, especially if you've got a special occasion to celebrate.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

_Nick @ Marc Jacobs:Not an ordinary internship!

This post is about my friend Nick, I lived with her last year in Leeds, but now she is interning in New York at Marc Jacobs. She has been working all hours of the day for weeks running up to the AW10 Show and now She has had time to share with her friends how its been, and here are some photos. The first picture is of a dress of which she designed the bow. The two pictures after it show the detailing and design which is feminine and elegant. Really subtle, and elaborate at the same time. Of all the looks, 'WWD' chose this one to put in their issue about the show!Well Done Nick!The third photo is of another look from the catwalk:Nick designed and sowed the embroidery on this coat and also decided the placement of it, and there's the lady herself hard at work in the fourth photo. She has completely thrown herself into everything whilst being at Marc Jacobs and I'm so proud of her, cant wait till shes back to tell me more about it! This last pick i thought was cute so put it in for humour!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

_Vogue Nippon March 2010

I saw this editorial from Japanese Vogue and thought it was worth a mention! I really like the colour ways throughout, the rusty metal petrol pumps even have a pink tone, so complementing the two other shots. I like how hazy the first one is from looking through dirty glass, and rarely have I seen the Jeremy Scott SS10 Flintstones print used in shoots. I guess it's pretty hard to put it with stuff without making the whole shoot prehistoric! Anna Selezneva models and Mark Segal photographs.


I came across these amazing dresses today, they're Christopher Kane and available at Matches. Recently I've had a thing for graphic photo print textiles - these intense images of atomic bombs, along with the surreal dreamy colour palette make these really special. They range from £188 to £838, quite a difference! I'm guessing there'll be lots of factors in that jump, materials, cut, low - high quanties all included. I think Kane gets it right with his choices of femininity mixed with strength (gorilla/crocodile). x

Monday, 15 February 2010


Iv had a really relaxed day today! Just been doing bits and bobs, in these photos I'm wearing an oversized black tee, I made it on the sewing machine as I'm trying to get off the consumerist high-street lifestyle completely. Not that I was on it intensively, but just thought that I'd usually buy something like this from American Apparel, but its so easy to make and cost me in total about £3. This hat was a Christmas prez from my friend Emma, its the same tartan as my uniform this past AW, and reminds me of a flying hat. I'll show you my uniform once I can get it home,which will be soon!Off to see 'Precious' at the Hyde Park Picture House (one of my favourite cinemas) now... so catch up soon...Bx