Thursday, 4 February 2010

_Sasha Pivovarova:Interview Magazine Feb'10

I am in love with this Shoot, everything about it is amazing, would of loved to be a part in making it!Its beautifully styled, the scribbles,drawings,graffiti-esque concept is weaved so well through the clothes and the set. I think it's one of my favourite shoots of all time!! The photographer is Craig McDean, I've only just looked through some of his other shoots on Art + Commerce and really like them all. Credit to the stylist Karl Templer - he hasn't tried to let trends dictate his ideas and concepts behind the shoot. Templer has thoroughly executed this creative idea with a new burst of energy. There is a sense of unity throughout it. It reminded me of these artists below....

The first two drawings are by Cy Twombly and the last by Jean Michel Basquiat. The sense of freedom within their drawing techniques is similar to that in the shoot. AMAZING!!!!!!


  1. That editorial is amazing!!! so much colour and crazyness going on!!!
    Rianna Bethany

  2. Great post bebecakes. I love this editorial too. PURLEASE post pics of your new hair soon!!

  3. HAHA, rly want to just cant get a good photo!Will try today!I love this eds! Want the westwood trousers in second photo!X