Wednesday, 27 January 2010


You might be able to tell I've been going through the accessories section of catwalking!! These socks are ace! There from the Alexander Wang SS10 Collection. I know I'm late with these last few posts, but I'm eagerly awaiting Fashion Week, and new collections to come out, so looking back on past ones instead!!


I love these silver gloves the models are wearing in this Chanel SS10 Haute Couture show. I wish they wear metal!! They go so well against the soft, sheer materials in the collection.


Am having a little bit of a clear out, so check out my items, and if you know any of your friends who might be interested in some of the things, let them know to bid!! Thanks!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

_Photographic Textiles

Here is a really nice collaboration between photographer S
ØLVE SUNDSBØ and creative studio SURFACE TO AIR. Its an idea My boyfriend and I had for his photographs, but here it is done really well. I'd love the 'Dry Cleaning Dress', its 100% silk, and looks dreamy!! The bags are really nice too. It is a limited edition so grab it while you can!!The bags are already sold out, so this is a bit of a tease, but some of the clothes are still available. This is old news but rly love it so thought it deserved a mention!!

Friday, 22 January 2010


My last exam today, well in like less than an hour, scary!!Cannot wait to be free though, gna spend the day visiting friends i havent been able to see...wish me luck!!bx

Monday, 18 January 2010

_Vivienne Westwood MAN Show AW10

Here are a few photos from the Man show. The model in the top left is wearing the LEE collab jeans, and also the model in the bottom right. Featuring apart from that was varying bright colours, Andreas is not shy! The tracksuit is cute, with the bag which I think is Gaia print from the Womens Gold label s/s10. The blue Clint Eastwood coat with a darker lined square cross stitch over is striking. I like the STAR trainers too!! This collection has re-used quite a few old designs, prints and materials. The styling for this show aroused much interest in Milan as it evoked parodies of homelessness, the models were subtly covered in silvery makeup to give the effect of being frozen. In a time where climate change is obviously having an effect, this cold and icy weather this January has proven a disaster for commuters all over England, but incitefully Vivienne and Andreas chose to make people think about how it must be for those on the streets, to put them up on the pedestal of the catwalk. The show ended with Vivienne being wheeled on a hospital bed, quite a daring and spectacular scene!!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

_Vivienne Westwood x Lee Jeans

Westwood and Lee have collaborated on a range of denim. I've had a sneaky peak at the press release images for it, and i think it'll be pretty good! For women the skinnys and hotpants stood out (colours include classic indigo all the way to bright green, copper and gold!). The pockets will be lined in squiggle print, and will also feature at the hems so turns ups will be in order! For guys there will be drop-crotch, banana cuts, bondage 'inspired' jeans, these aren't as good as i was expecting zips down the back! Pricing is really honest, there'll be tees and accessories, i.e keyrings. It will be hitting stores soon (potentially this/next month). I'll try and get permission to post some photos up as there aren't online yet. I could be running an exclusive..! x

Friday, 15 January 2010

_Bits and Bobs

Here are a few more new things. The shorts were a christmas prezzie from Rory, they are Westwood and Mclaren from 'Savage' 1982. The Shoes I got in the sale and the top is from an old sample sale. The socks are from this past season which is coming to an end...quite excited for new collections to appear! These are going to be the last few posts of me with blonde hair, I'm going back to my natural colour (whatever that is, im not sure exactly, some shade of brunette!)

_Neon Heaven

Here are a few photos of old and new bits. The jacket was a christmas prezzie from Rory, its Jeremy Scott x Ksubi from a few years ago.The top and skirt are apparel and the leggings are Christopher Kane for Topshop from the sale.

This bag is Jeremy Scott x Longchamp. From the Flinstones Collection last summer. The Supreme hat is Rorys, was a christmas prezzie from my sister.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

_Jewellery Presentation

Yesterday I got up dark and early to go to London for a Westwood Jewellery Presentation to staff. As you can see from the photo its for AW10. Theres some really gorgeous pieces and there are lots of new styles. Although the company likes to use old classics and recycle them, this season encorporates lots of new ideas and variations on some old. One piece that stood out to me was a necklace with plastic skulls ranging from a large centre one and then a gradient of smaller ones going up the necklace. Really nice and lots of ornate skulls. Obviously I can't show you photos of the collection as thats a surprise for next season. But afterwards I popped to Marc by Marc on Mount St and picked up these key rings, one was a prez for Rory but liked them so much I got one for me too!! Everytime you grab your keys from your bag you feel like your on holiday, what a good idea!!! Rly well designed, but a bit unpractical as they are very heavy!!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

_Rodarte SS10

As I look outside my window there's constantly 6 inches of snow, and its still snowing!! Its so beautiful outside,I feel as if its still christmas!! And apparently its going to be like this for another 6 weeks! I was just watching the Rodarte ss10 video and wanted to express my love for it. The american indian/tribal theme is weaved so well into the clothes.It is such a powerful collection. I would love to own a peice, the fact that they are all hand made, home spun by Rodarte makes them so special. They seem so in touch with nature. The shoulders on the second two models are very strong and authoritative with soft, light material placed next to them which creates a contradicting feeling. Just love this collection and am really looking forward to AW which isn't too far away now!