Thursday, 19 November 2009

_Keith Haring

I should of written this a long time ago, because its been at the forefront of my life recently, but He has been an influence since the 80s. The POP LIFE exhibition on at the Tate Mod has really highlighted his talent, and a book that has recently been released is one of the nicest books I've got on the book shelf. The materials used in manufacturing it just emphasize his creative style. This jacket which Jeremy Scott produced is AMAZING!! Rory was thinking of getting it for me for Christmas, that was before He saw the price tag!! Its now sold out but it was available to buy on Collette. These badges and patches you can buy from the Tate are ace too.

Monday, 16 November 2009

_ Warehouse Shoot

Hiya, finally done a quick shoot of me newest goodies i found at the warehouse sale. Have been so busy doing essays, but am finally on top of it all, so can get down to some blogging!

In this photo i've gone for a tribal, ethnic vibe, the eskimo boots and skirt are from a vintage shop called 'Story of O' , but originally from Mongolia. The tights are h&m, the bag and jewellery is from Marakesh, Morroco. The pirate shirt is VW.

This is my favourite piece, the dress is VW Gold Label from DIY SS08, also the shoes, they are a collaboration with Melissa. The glove is Topshop, all jewellery is vintage.

Dress is VW, necklace I found in a flee market in Barcelona.

The hat I'm wearing in these shots is vintage, the jacket is also, it was from a long goth coat (that was my sisters and she'd kill me if she knew I cut it!!), the top is VW 'La Femme' bought from Rellik, Shorts VW Gold Label DIY SS08, Bag is Army surplus store.

This top is Vintage bought from 'Ryan's Vintage' in Leeds, the skirt is VW Red Label, and Shirt is VW Gold Label.

In these shots im wearing mesh string dress (worn as top) by Helmut Lang, jacket is from Beyond Retro, badge is from Keith Haring pop shop at the Tate. Twisted Trousers are VW Gold Label, Shoes are VW also. Oh and Barbie and Cindy just really wanted to be in the shoot!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Hey, I'm sorry I've not been posting recently, I've just been SO drowned with my uni work. I know I still need to do a shoot from the warehouse sale, but just haven't had time. My boyfriend is a photographer and he turned his projects into 'books' for his degree. He only made one or two of each one, so has used this online publishing thing to get his work more seen by more people. Muse was the 2nd project he did, so check it out above. (It's best viewed in full screen). I'll try post some more up soon. X