Monday, 29 March 2010


These are some new things I have been wearing lately. The lace biker jacket I bought from H&M ,they have a £10 off all jackets and blazers ATM. And I had my eye on it so thought get it now while its cheap!!I love the shape of biker-jackets, think I'm beginning to start a collection of them!! The melissa x VW shoes are so comfy, i wear them at work, but haven't been able to wear them out yet due to winter weather creeping back on us. Think I'm going to wear them on my birthday! They are ace because they mean I'm no longer 5'5" for an evening but with no pain!!The dress is KTZ, i like the shoulders on it, and its very flattering with the black lines shaping your torso.The last two are products of my ebay obsession! They are both old Westwood items the skirt from AW2001 'Wild Beauty', and the shirt is from 'Mini Crini' SS1985.

_Patchwork of Prints

Today it's been 'grim up north' so have taken a shots of the prints on my rail above to brighten up the day!! I wanted to keep them abstract so you cant tell what the item is and just see the pattern itself. I think I have an unhealthy attraction to prints, I think if I was an animal i would be a leopard or something! Maybe a zebra haha! Its interesting to see them all together mixed in a random way. I was going to study art foundation thinking I would move on to textiles, but wanted to move away from London to experience a different side of England. However I think my obsession with material, texture, colour and pattern will never fade. If any of you have had a grim day I hope this brightens yours up too!! I'm selling one of the dresses I used in a shoot for this blog on ebay. Bx

Monday, 22 March 2010

_Roisin the Pirate!

I came across this photo of Roisin Murphy by Elaine Constantine on Santucci&Co. I love how the styling is so simple but manages to bring in the ideas of pirates - through the clothes, the drinking, the location. It's really fun and think it is a great portrait showing her character! I really like it when photographers use fill-in lighting when it's already sunny. Does anyone know who her necklace is by? x


Here are just a few shots from my flat. The stark colour gives a real sense of brilliance and pureness. My mum has just been to stay in Leeds and she gave me the flowers. I love the work of Juergen Teller and his photos give this fresh white look for which he is best known. What are your favourite Teller shoots? I recently saw the Pucci one he did and thought it was great..! x

Thursday, 11 March 2010


I love new places, new things, its part of being an aries i think!If you believe in star signs!!ha, but I am very excited now about Berlin, because its my next trip, after London, Paris, its the next holiday for Rory and My Birthdays. Were quite lucky really, because our birthdays are exactly 2 weeks apart. So April is my favourite month of the year! This is the apartment we've got booked.
Has anyone been to Berlin before? Because I love recommendations! Shout me back with any must sees.. Here are a few photos of yesterday, was so nice and sunny me and rory went for a strawberry milkshake in 'LS6' Cafe..yum!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Thankyou to all my viewers and followers, I started this blog to record my life and interests. I've really enjoyed doing it, and its great to see the response of viewers. I haven't been blogging for long, so this for me is a milestone. Keep on reading...x


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Sunday, 7 March 2010

_90s Net and High Hair do's!

Really liking this shoot of Lily Donaldson and Liya Kebede in V Magazine March'10.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

_Working Backstage at VW Gold Label AW10

So here I am from start to finish , arriving at the venue, it was so cool- really industrial outside the backstage entrance, and the sun was shining..we all got our passes and went in, first was hair and makeup on your left, and then the adjoining room was for dressing. We had to walk around to find your name written on the Polaroid board. I dressed 'TARA'. It was so amazing being surrounded by all the stunning clothes, shoes, bags, tights, shoes shoes SHOES!!!I really fell in love with everything!! The models were lovely too, and beautiful creatures, theres something about these models that is so obvious that thats what they are meant for. They photograph so well, and when their dressed in their outfits, make the outfit look amazing!The models had two looks, so when the show had started there was such a buzz in the room, music on, the noise of peoples applauds. And as your model comes running off you have to be there ready for the next change!SO much fun!!It was so good to be part of and now, looking at photos online, I was proud to say -i dressed that look!!Although such a small tool in the works, it was amazing to experience. Amazing to see the collection, it was so strong, I really think there's no other design-house like this. I would be so happy to do this again, so looking forward to the next one!

_Oui Oui Paris

Paris went by so quick!We arrived there on Thursday 4th evening-time and i was happy to see i'd remembered a bit of french to get by ok! Having made it to our hotel we went out to St.Germain area to go for dinner and drinks. It was so fun to be out in another city. These are just some random photos I took when out, but I knew I had to be fresh for Friday so was in bed by a good time!!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

_Paris : Packed !!

So today I'm in Paris for a special trip. Tomorrow I am working at the Westwood Gold Label AW10 show. I will be working backstage dressing the models. Unfortunately I am not allowed to take photos in the venue. But I will try as much as I can, so that I can document the day! I am SO excited! I will tell you all about it when I'm back, and with as many photos of Paris! These are a few of me packing earlier before I left! See ya! Bx

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I'm getting ready to go to Paris tomorrow.So excited!I'm going to do some preparing photos tonight,don't have a clue what to wear at the mo!Got to get this uni work done, and then will have a packing sesh tonight. I'll tell you all about it then!
Photo: Terry Richardson for Vogue from a while ago.