Monday, 29 March 2010

_Patchwork of Prints

Today it's been 'grim up north' so have taken a shots of the prints on my rail above to brighten up the day!! I wanted to keep them abstract so you cant tell what the item is and just see the pattern itself. I think I have an unhealthy attraction to prints, I think if I was an animal i would be a leopard or something! Maybe a zebra haha! Its interesting to see them all together mixed in a random way. I was going to study art foundation thinking I would move on to textiles, but wanted to move away from London to experience a different side of England. However I think my obsession with material, texture, colour and pattern will never fade. If any of you have had a grim day I hope this brightens yours up too!! I'm selling one of the dresses I used in a shoot for this blog on ebay. Bx

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