Saturday, 6 March 2010

_Oui Oui Paris

Paris went by so quick!We arrived there on Thursday 4th evening-time and i was happy to see i'd remembered a bit of french to get by ok! Having made it to our hotel we went out to St.Germain area to go for dinner and drinks. It was so fun to be out in another city. These are just some random photos I took when out, but I knew I had to be fresh for Friday so was in bed by a good time!!


  1. Umm.. Do you have the Opening Ceremony Chloe boots on?!?!?!?!

  2. Yes!!haha, they are Rachels the girl i went with, they are SO comfortable you wouldn't believe!!X

  3. did you make it to any of the shops?????

    Love the smashed up airhanger venue- went to some shows there last october. There's an amazing swimming pool on a boat on the river for next time you're there..... They force the guys to wear speedos too. hot.

    X x

  4. Well, as its so layed back there as you know, Collette opens at 11, and ktz 11.30. So We made it to Collette and then had to dash to the venue as had to be there at 12.45. 4hours before the show, but still didnt seem enough time!!
    Wish our shop opened at those times instead of 10!!Too too early!
    I will get to those shops thou, next time im in paris,im sure. I will be needing one of your dream maps for Berlin!!Less than a month now!
    Swimming pool on a boat sounds amazing!!haha