Saturday, 6 March 2010

_Working Backstage at VW Gold Label AW10

So here I am from start to finish , arriving at the venue, it was so cool- really industrial outside the backstage entrance, and the sun was shining..we all got our passes and went in, first was hair and makeup on your left, and then the adjoining room was for dressing. We had to walk around to find your name written on the Polaroid board. I dressed 'TARA'. It was so amazing being surrounded by all the stunning clothes, shoes, bags, tights, shoes shoes SHOES!!!I really fell in love with everything!! The models were lovely too, and beautiful creatures, theres something about these models that is so obvious that thats what they are meant for. They photograph so well, and when their dressed in their outfits, make the outfit look amazing!The models had two looks, so when the show had started there was such a buzz in the room, music on, the noise of peoples applauds. And as your model comes running off you have to be there ready for the next change!SO much fun!!It was so good to be part of and now, looking at photos online, I was proud to say -i dressed that look!!Although such a small tool in the works, it was amazing to experience. Amazing to see the collection, it was so strong, I really think there's no other design-house like this. I would be so happy to do this again, so looking forward to the next one!

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  1. Haha love the mustache make up! Glad to hear you had fun my darling! x