Monday, 29 March 2010


These are some new things I have been wearing lately. The lace biker jacket I bought from H&M ,they have a £10 off all jackets and blazers ATM. And I had my eye on it so thought get it now while its cheap!!I love the shape of biker-jackets, think I'm beginning to start a collection of them!! The melissa x VW shoes are so comfy, i wear them at work, but haven't been able to wear them out yet due to winter weather creeping back on us. Think I'm going to wear them on my birthday! They are ace because they mean I'm no longer 5'5" for an evening but with no pain!!The dress is KTZ, i like the shoulders on it, and its very flattering with the black lines shaping your torso.The last two are products of my ebay obsession! They are both old Westwood items the skirt from AW2001 'Wild Beauty', and the shirt is from 'Mini Crini' SS1985.


  1. Those shoes........Amazing!!! x

  2. Wooo I own those shoes too! I had a nightmare last night that I went to college and everyone had the white ones on. haha.

    Seriously jealous of all your Westwood.

    x x x