Tuesday, 22 February 2011

_Suno A/W 11

I have to say I think this is one of my favourite new labels. I adore the shoes, ALL of them!! And the flowery prints, the mix of different prints within the same outfit, the cropped trousers and the layering. The range of materials is impressive, and although there seems to be a great array of colour the outfits seem harmonious and pleasing to the eye, not harsh but muted and sophisticated.


_Erdem A/W 11

I absolutely love the shirts in this collection, these two specifically I could quite easily slip into my wardrobe! I love the third outfit best, the maxi skirt with the shirt, it gives you masculinity and feminimity combined, and a touch more character with some spotty gloves if there wasn't enough already!

"His muse was an artist's wife who flies off the handle, tears apart her partner's canvases, and remakes them as pieces of clothing. With her darkened eyes and dishevelled hair, she had a wanton quality that the clothes picked up and ran with"

This quote is from Style.com's review of the show, its intriging to know the concept behind the creation. I love unusual prints and mixes of colour and Erdem has certainly excelled in that this A/W.

Photos: Style.com

Saturday, 19 February 2011

_Mood-board today.

....Some pictures i liked that i found on haw-lin.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

_ Pink to make the boys wink!

I got some lovely things in the habitat sale, these bright pink plastic glasses and a blue vase. Iv been wearing this bubblegum pink barry m nail varnish i got for christmas. This is a bit of a pink post although the photos are in black and white so you cant see! The 'madame' perfume is neon pink. Im in love with this cacharel oatmeal jumper i found on ebay, i feel very french in it!! Happy February, so long January....

_Swimming Pool Vogue Shoot

photographer: Marloes Horst
magazine: Vogue Japan, April 2010
photos taken from fashionising.com

I love swimming pool shoots. I ripped out an editorial from vogue as a teenager which is still on my wall at home, it has always been one of my favourite shoots, theres something so dreamy about being dressed up by the side of a pool!