Friday, 30 April 2010

_If only the sky today was the same as my shirt!

It was pissing it down with rain today in Leeds, and on the way home I ran into a vintage shop round the corner from my house, always a good option for avoiding the bad weather!! I found this dreamy, sky coloured Westwood shirt, I love the tie that comes with it, I feel very smart wearing it!!The lady said it was her mum's and she'd bought it about 15 years ago, she's looked after it so well, it feels brand new!But with that nice feeling that its had a bit of life, even if its just hung up in a wardrobe unworn!! I DIY-d these old levi's shorts, with an old renaissance technique called slashing.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

_Falling in Love with a Wedge!

Found these UH-MAZING wedges by Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato, You might think I'm mad because I like explosions of colour!But I think they are ace!!The bright leather thongs floating down the back remind me of a firework or a peacock with its feathers out!!haha!
There a collaboration between Tsumori Chisato and Gabia Espadrille, I think the two contributers have created a truly unique pair of wedges, a very artistic print which looks radical and liberal in nature with bright colours on a white canvas, the seven-holed lace up is cute and I'm sure it's flattering as it elongates your legs! I have fallen in love with them!! Check them out on Opening Ceremony, they also come in a black colourway.

_PSS Ladies Night

This evening I went to Paper Scissors Stone for a 20% off Ladies night.There was complementary champagne and sushi, which was lovely, I had a look through the 'Something Else' pieces they had, there were quite a few things I liked, I have blogged about the brands they stock before, have a read here. I got myself a little treat these Henrik Vibskov leggings, there a sort of camo/army print. Thanks to PSS for a lovely evening!

Monday, 26 April 2010

_Vogue Japan May '10

I like this shoot, it reminds me a bit of polaroids and dolls houses, the model just fits into the frame!I love the skirt in the last outfit and the suit in the second with the cuff on her thigh!

Thursday, 22 April 2010


I went to this glasses & sunglasses shop in Berlin, it was amazing, all the glasses were in these thin drawers and you just opened them all to find all these amazing glasses!!!Such a sick shop!!!haha!! However I didn't get any glasses, i didn't have the budget for them, and also have trouble finding ones that suit my face really well. If you know any good sunglasses shops in London or England let me know!!!I want to start a little collection!Especially now the summer is approaching!!


It was my 21st birthday on Monday, so have been celebrating since, here are a few things i was given. In the first photo is a rug, with a king and queen, Rorys mum made it for me. It is the most amazing thing ever, its so special when somebody puts time,effort and love into making something!The next photo is a clint eastwood coat from the current ss10 Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Collection, I absolutely love this coat, but never thought i would be able to have it, I was in complete shock when i opened it, the pattern and design is as if it was made for me!! The blue collage ring has just appeared in the shops, its the last time we are doing these collage rings, so grab one while you can!!They also come in pink. The socks are from 'Tabio', I hadn't heard of the shop until my friend Sanya gave me these as a prezzie. But I think I'll be shopping there alot more now I've got these as a taste. The last pair of shoes are 'Tracey Trainers' they are from Worlds End, they are ace!!They are so comfortable, and I always have trouble with wearing high heels, so these are the perfect medium. Thanks to everyone for making my 21st so memorable!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

_Last Week in Berlin

So here are my holiday picks, Berlin was amazing!I would sincerly recommend it to anyone. We were there for a full seven days (which is long for a city break) and didn't run out of places to go, things to see. (Don't want to start sounding like a holiday rep here!!), but could sing Berlin's praises for an entire opera! The apartment was luxury but in a contemporary way, in fact we were upgraded( not sure why!), it was so nice to go back there and chill after full days of walking and sight-seeing. There are lots of galleries, and museums, we chose to go to the Jewish museum to learn about the historical part of Germany, and also checkpoint charlie. Apart from that, and the holocaust memorial, we mainly stuck to photography galleries,modern art exhibitions and vintage shops!Although there are some really good shops for high-end apparel. The places are very spaced apart in Berlin, not like in London, Paris or Barcelona where its all quite concentrated. Our map by the end was in shreds. The U-Bahn and S-Bahn are very easy to use, getting around in general was a doddle! I would go back again for sure, and have many recommendations for people visiting there in the future, although I think it's one of those places that is continuing to evolve, in a forward-thinking way, so many more exciting places popping up!

Thursday, 8 April 2010


Malcolm McLaren sadly passed away today, he was a huge figure in the mid 70s with the Punk movement and continues to influence culture today. He was half of the infamous duo that created 'Let it Rock', 'Too fast to live too young to die', 'Sex', 'Seditionaries' and todays 'Worlds End' at No 430 Kings Road. RIP MR.McLAREN.


So I'm in Berlin now, and although i brought the laptop and camera, i somehow forgot my lead so cannot upload until I am home!! I have been here two days so far and am really enjoying it. Have been to some really nice shops, Apartment, and their Cash vintage shop next door which sells old season and designer vintage, some right treats in there but not for my budget!! Today, after walking along the remaining part of the Berlin Wall we went to Checkpoint Charlie, we then walked to a shop called 'The Corner'. It sells Givenchy, Lanvin, Balmain, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney etc. Really nice shop, open and friendly people working there. Its really sunny here, have heard its the same in London, its amazing what some sun can do!! Its funny because I don't know any german, but keep coming out with french and some spanish because their the languages (besides english) which I'm most familiar with!!haha! Here is some news to follow, but will keep you posted with my holiday news and photos will follow next week!
Actually i lie, here's one from Rory's camera! bx