Monday, 26 April 2010

_Vogue Japan May '10

I like this shoot, it reminds me a bit of polaroids and dolls houses, the model just fits into the frame!I love the skirt in the last outfit and the suit in the second with the cuff on her thigh!


  1. It's lovely, all the pastel colourama's. Who's the photog? I love Hannah Holman <3

  2. Angelo Pennetta, (never heard of them haha!) Ye good model. Have been planning a shoot today with that photographer you might of heard of him...
    Rory van Millingen and im kinda styling it, and might ask a few girls that work in apparel to model. Its hard finding models, how do you do it?X

  3. Lol have heard of Rory Van Millingen actually yeah! Lol it's easy in London as have access to all the amazing mod agencies. That's cool you're creating it together.. what's your concept? Where's the location? x