Thursday, 8 April 2010


Malcolm McLaren sadly passed away today, he was a huge figure in the mid 70s with the Punk movement and continues to influence culture today. He was half of the infamous duo that created 'Let it Rock', 'Too fast to live too young to die', 'Sex', 'Seditionaries' and todays 'Worlds End' at No 430 Kings Road. RIP MR.McLAREN.


  1. He was born on my road in Stoke Newington!

  2. No way!!Crazy babes,went into a vintage shop in berlin today and they had a signed Sex Pistols LP.Said Malcolm had signed it in the shop when he was browsing. Bet thats worth alot now, unless he was kind enough to sign everywhere he went!!

  3. what?! that's crazy...
    love how your blog is so raw.