Thursday, 22 April 2010


It was my 21st birthday on Monday, so have been celebrating since, here are a few things i was given. In the first photo is a rug, with a king and queen, Rorys mum made it for me. It is the most amazing thing ever, its so special when somebody puts time,effort and love into making something!The next photo is a clint eastwood coat from the current ss10 Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Collection, I absolutely love this coat, but never thought i would be able to have it, I was in complete shock when i opened it, the pattern and design is as if it was made for me!! The blue collage ring has just appeared in the shops, its the last time we are doing these collage rings, so grab one while you can!!They also come in pink. The socks are from 'Tabio', I hadn't heard of the shop until my friend Sanya gave me these as a prezzie. But I think I'll be shopping there alot more now I've got these as a taste. The last pair of shoes are 'Tracey Trainers' they are from Worlds End, they are ace!!They are so comfortable, and I always have trouble with wearing high heels, so these are the perfect medium. Thanks to everyone for making my 21st so memorable!

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