Sunday, 18 April 2010

_Last Week in Berlin

So here are my holiday picks, Berlin was amazing!I would sincerly recommend it to anyone. We were there for a full seven days (which is long for a city break) and didn't run out of places to go, things to see. (Don't want to start sounding like a holiday rep here!!), but could sing Berlin's praises for an entire opera! The apartment was luxury but in a contemporary way, in fact we were upgraded( not sure why!), it was so nice to go back there and chill after full days of walking and sight-seeing. There are lots of galleries, and museums, we chose to go to the Jewish museum to learn about the historical part of Germany, and also checkpoint charlie. Apart from that, and the holocaust memorial, we mainly stuck to photography galleries,modern art exhibitions and vintage shops!Although there are some really good shops for high-end apparel. The places are very spaced apart in Berlin, not like in London, Paris or Barcelona where its all quite concentrated. Our map by the end was in shreds. The U-Bahn and S-Bahn are very easy to use, getting around in general was a doddle! I would go back again for sure, and have many recommendations for people visiting there in the future, although I think it's one of those places that is continuing to evolve, in a forward-thinking way, so many more exciting places popping up!

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  1. some immense outfits going on here, esp love the blue and white shirt