Saturday, 16 January 2010

_Vivienne Westwood x Lee Jeans

Westwood and Lee have collaborated on a range of denim. I've had a sneaky peak at the press release images for it, and i think it'll be pretty good! For women the skinnys and hotpants stood out (colours include classic indigo all the way to bright green, copper and gold!). The pockets will be lined in squiggle print, and will also feature at the hems so turns ups will be in order! For guys there will be drop-crotch, banana cuts, bondage 'inspired' jeans, these aren't as good as i was expecting zips down the back! Pricing is really honest, there'll be tees and accessories, i.e keyrings. It will be hitting stores soon (potentially this/next month). I'll try and get permission to post some photos up as there aren't online yet. I could be running an exclusive..! x

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