Monday, 18 January 2010

_Vivienne Westwood MAN Show AW10

Here are a few photos from the Man show. The model in the top left is wearing the LEE collab jeans, and also the model in the bottom right. Featuring apart from that was varying bright colours, Andreas is not shy! The tracksuit is cute, with the bag which I think is Gaia print from the Womens Gold label s/s10. The blue Clint Eastwood coat with a darker lined square cross stitch over is striking. I like the STAR trainers too!! This collection has re-used quite a few old designs, prints and materials. The styling for this show aroused much interest in Milan as it evoked parodies of homelessness, the models were subtly covered in silvery makeup to give the effect of being frozen. In a time where climate change is obviously having an effect, this cold and icy weather this January has proven a disaster for commuters all over England, but incitefully Vivienne and Andreas chose to make people think about how it must be for those on the streets, to put them up on the pedestal of the catwalk. The show ended with Vivienne being wheeled on a hospital bed, quite a daring and spectacular scene!!

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