Thursday, 18 February 2010

_Nick @ Marc Jacobs:Not an ordinary internship!

This post is about my friend Nick, I lived with her last year in Leeds, but now she is interning in New York at Marc Jacobs. She has been working all hours of the day for weeks running up to the AW10 Show and now She has had time to share with her friends how its been, and here are some photos. The first picture is of a dress of which she designed the bow. The two pictures after it show the detailing and design which is feminine and elegant. Really subtle, and elaborate at the same time. Of all the looks, 'WWD' chose this one to put in their issue about the show!Well Done Nick!The third photo is of another look from the catwalk:Nick designed and sowed the embroidery on this coat and also decided the placement of it, and there's the lady herself hard at work in the fourth photo. She has completely thrown herself into everything whilst being at Marc Jacobs and I'm so proud of her, cant wait till shes back to tell me more about it! This last pick i thought was cute so put it in for humour!

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