Tuesday, 23 February 2010

_Backstage > AfterParty

After the Show we went backstage, it was nice to talk to people about the show and hear their reactions. It was quite funny really because this guy kept trying to video Kate Moss and Vivienne chatting, but kept getting ask to leave because it wasn't allowed. The hype and liveliness was felt as others packed away the clothes, and models had their back-combed hair taken out. After we jumped in a cab to Bungalow 8, at St.Martins Lane Hotel to the after party...
When I get them, i'll put up some more photos of the after party. We were told at one point that photos inside weren't allowed, I think they like to keep it chilled out in there as the celebrities probs want a break from all the papping that happens outside. I was surprised that Kate and Vivienne and Andreas came to the after party, everyone enjoyed seeing them. The cocktails were gorgeous, this was my second night of free cocktails, so have been pretty worse for wear since then!! It was a really good after party, not too much pretentiousness, I think the atmosphere had carried on from the show. Thanks to the company for giving me such an amazing evening!

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