Thursday, 25 February 2010


Ashish this season has really gone for the 'dressed-up /casual' idea. The overly luxurious sequined dresses mixed with casual knitwear cardigans,socks and hand-cuffs. I like the rastifarian vibe of hats and sunglasses, long oversized coats and long trousers with dresses over the top.The third photo is a key example whereby the casual shirt is ordained with sequins instead of denim or lumberjack which you would expect. It emphasizes androgyny, instead of girls wearing their boyfriends clothes, its girls wearing there own but with a tomboy sense.This idea is daring but conveys a feeling of confidence. The patterns are bold and with beautiful bright colours! Although sequins are Ashish's usual trick, He manages to use them in fresh ways each collection.


  1. i love the mixture of different textures here, nice!

  2. I love love loved this collection, Ashish always excites me but this one was a true winner. So visually impacting and I loved the styling x

  3. Definately, so good!was in a vintage shop yesterday and have started looking at sequined dresses in a completly new way!!Dont think i'd look as good if i tried it without one of these dresses though!!x