Tuesday, 6 December 2011

_Martina Spetlova

For me, London hosts and often gives birth to the most inspiring and exciting emerging designers. A prime example of this is Martina Spetlova who is currently drawing much attention even though having finished her MA at St.Martin's less than two years ago! Her designs are sold through the reputable LN-CC store and online website. I first saw her work through Oh Elle, who styles her look books and has used her designs in shoots along side this, Martina is much the stylists dream as her work has been seen in magazines such as i-D, Vogue and Husk. I have been most attracted to these amazing knitwear dresses...

Her use of mis-matched materials and patch-worked leather is captivating even more so because of the array of bright and bold colours. I really think these items are ones to touch, by that I mean that they feel so different to what they look like. The leather is so soft and looks amazing in natural light, fish-skin leather is used, and as with a real live fish, it captures light in its own specific way. The thick knit, like this dress above is so thick, that when worn it gives the body a particular feminine structure. They really are special pieces, every girl should have in her wardrobe, Im so excited for next season, iv got butterflies already! Martina Spetlova really is one to watch!

Photo 1 : Anyone know please tell me!
Photos 2 & 3 : Katarzyna Wozniak

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