Thursday, 29 October 2009

_The Quarry

These are a couple of photos from a shoot I did yesterday up in the Yorkshire Moors. It was such a cold day so had to wrap up. It was so sunny when we left Leeds, but by the time we got up there it had disappeared. The afternoon Autumn sun gives photos such magic and unfortunately that wasn't present..! Maybe next time!Ha. Jacket: Vivienne Westwood Man, punk muslin: Boy London, Boots: DM's, Tights: Vivienne Westwood, Necklace: from Morocco.


  1. wow these are fucking amazing! i love the jewelery and the black and white.

  2. The second image is amazing babe, like iconic! Did RORS take them? I'm such an Avant Dark fan x

  3. Aw thanks sweetie, well that shoot was for rorys work, were trying to use the yorkshire landscape more while were still here! It would be a dream for you! Theres not many moors in ldn!Im such an OH ELLE fan!!!!MWA XxxX