Saturday, 3 October 2009

_Bleached 501's

I found these bleached jeans in a vintage shop in Leeds, I had to rummage through a box to find them but it really paid off! Were only £5 which I thought was a right bargain! I think they look like clouds which is dreamy, for S/S 09 JCdC used a similar idea for one of his main prints.

I cropped the plain white vintage tee making it more wearable and 80's. Moschino belt: thrift shop. Pirate socks: Worlds End. Roman 3 straps: Vivienne Westwood made to order. Knuckleduster & Penis drop pendant: Vivienne Westwood. Kilt pin earrings: I made.

The jeans reminded me of this photo I saw in Gavin Watson's 'Skins and Punks' book. There are some inspirational images of young skinheads in the years following the explosive movement of 1976.


  1. Which vintage store in Leeds? I miss Ryans! You look well hot babycakes x

  2. The one in Hyde Park corner, called best vintage. ta love!xmwax