Saturday, 3 October 2009

_Gold Label @ Paris Fashion Week

So the Gold Label is shown in Paris, and nothing more perfect than at Hotel Pozzo di Borgo. A beautiful Chateau, the models walked around the golden ornate corridors, seemingly escaping from a fire caused by climate change-As this is the re-occuring theme in Vivienne's latest collections, It is a very important issue for her, and so the topic is weaved into her creations. Painted across the clothes were slogans such as 'loyalty to Gaia'. James Lovelock is someone whom Vivienne has found truth and guidance from and someone she admires for his great knowledge about the world, it is he who began the theory or hypothesis of Gaia. It is concerned ultimatley with the Earth and its complex interactive system. The collection is highlighting the belief that the Earth will soon hit crisis point and when it does we will all go with it. The models hair was back-combed and sprayed wonderful red, orange and purple colours, symbolising fire and smoke.

I absolutely love this Clint Eastwood coat in the first picture, I have a feeling it will be showpiece, but I'm hoping it's not! The colours are gorgeous. The crayoned outfit to the left is amazing also, I think the skirt would look nice hitched up into a dress!

This Shirt is beautiful, it reminds me of the anarchy shirts from Seditionaries, 1976. The whole outfit is brilliant, the ripped up tights with strips of fire embroidered into the sides, the anarchic history fits in well with the chaotic theme of the collection. The tights in the picture on the right are unique, with a pattern on one leg and letters spelling out 'DIY'. The shorts are delish! In fact the shirt from the left photo with the shorts from the right would be amazing together! But I love these outfits equally!

Love Love LOVE the knitwear and the design, the colours and patterns!!!

These Trousers, ughghghghg, are like no others I've ever seen! The style is typical of Gold Label, but they go so well with the print. Can you imagine someone walking down the street in these!!

And here's the Dame herself embodying the collection, she's even sporting the hair style! Well done Vivienne and Andreas for an incredible collection!

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