Friday, 25 September 2009

_A Child of The Jago LFW

On wednesday evening we went to the first ever Child of the Jago Show. This was one of the best shows at LFW, its the most exciting, fresh and unique concept in fashion at the moment. It's pushing the boundaries, its truly being avant- garde and after the show there was a sense that everyone experienced something amazing, that we were all honered to have been there because it was a momentus occasion that will be remembered and have a domino effect. The venue was Wilton's Music Hall east London, near Aldgate East station. As We walked around quite a barren area we looked down the alley of the road and at first I thought it was just a bar and not the venue yet! From the outside all you could see was the bar, people drinking and smoking, the walls had an old finish of sanded down wood, a bit like a pirate ship. We had just got a drink and then we saw Vivienne arrive and then Boy George, Judy Blame amongst others. However, it didn't have all the Kanye's and Sarah Hardings in the audience, the people who were there really mattered and knew about this emerging talent. It was intimate, the audience really mostly knew either Barnzley or Jo Corre ( Vivienne's son) who co-own and run the label. The models sort of danced down the runway to the music, they walked as if they owned the clothes, they played up to them and showed them off. Not in an unenthusiastic way that most shows dictate. The clothes will speak for themselves, but the photos don't explain the theatrical performance that was experienced there.

The collection contained 50 outfits. All the suits were made by saville-row trained tailors, the tee-shirts were punk inspired, the shoes were either brogues or these amazing tapestry/kilim rug shoes made up by John Lobb. The styling was brilliant. It's such a shame when a catwalk is styled badly, it lets it down at the last hurdle, this show however was amazing in all areas.

Here is me at the bar after, I'm wearing socks and kilt:Vivienne Westwood-World's End, Cardigan and Body:Vivienne Westwood Gold Label, Elevated Pirate Boots:Vivienne Westwood, Barbed wire necklace:Agent Provocateur.

This snapshot video was taken of the finale. The strobe didn't feature throughout the catwalk! Such a great show, and afterparty at Barnzleys!

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