Friday, 25 September 2009

_Studio_805 @ Vauxhall Fashion Scout

So, On Wednesday we arrived at Freemasons Hall on Great Queen Street,Covent Garden, to help out a friend- Andrew Bannister whos label is called Studio_805. The room we were in was hair and make-up and we helped put the clothes on rails and dress the models, in time for the presentation upstairs. I was at front of house, making sure people who wanted to see the show were let in. Then Rory was asked to model as one didn't show. Lots of people turned up and the collection was fantastic, the scaling of the garments appeared to be menswear but he works very much to the basis of androginy,the collection was based on "top-shelf glamour meets country casual". Andrew's attention to detail is very apparent, the finish on each item was of the highest standard, the blow-up pink boobs were amazing-made of pvc and hanging on a heavy-weight chain. Materials that featured were fur, pvc, wood-print cotton, lycra, cord and airtex. Just as with the mouth-tape on his last LFW collection, there were red lip mouth-pieces which gave the expression of shock on the models, and this echoed onto the audience. The jewellery was equally impressive, with bird wings and heads dipped in electric blue latex.


  1. Ahh! Rory looks so pretty with make up. I wish there was a picture of him with the blow up doll lips, they're brilliant. Love the colours.