Monday, 21 September 2009

_Red Label SS10

The Red Label Show was a bit disapointing to be honest, Although maybe i'm feeling a bit bitter as was meant to be going, but staff weren't invited this time. We were invited to the After Party but I wasn't jetting down just for that! There always has to be some kind of politics going on at Fashion Week, it's all part of it! Here are some of my favourite outfits... (from left to right), In the first one I like the deep sky t-shirt, This is a slogan used on a famous blazer from 'mini-crini' SS'85. In the second photo I love the argyle skirt and matching cropped bodice. In the third photo Daisy Lowe is wearing sailor-esque shorts which are more like gold label than Red Label,in design and fabric. The shoes are melissa winged rocking-horse, AMAZING!! Can't wait for these to arrive in store, we'll be selling them after Christmas. The shorts in the fourth photo are all i like about the out-fit,( seems like shorts were the high-light for me!), the pockets in a blue and white stripe are poking out the bottom-this is something Vivienne often weaves into her designs, its interesting and gives the shorts a different structure and dimention. It's funny because when I'm in my uniform at work customers are constantly trying to put the material of my pocket back into my skirt- I just smile and explain that that's how its meant to be- the skirts got a life of its own!

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  1. Babes I saw these angel winged melissa's at the Melissa ON|OFF exhibition.. they are ace! Think it said they are gonna be £175. Love the new header too x