Saturday, 5 September 2009


I suppose I should really explain more about me and what I do, and along with that why I started this blog. I'm currently a student living in Leeds,England. I grew up in London, and as soon as I hit 18 I wanted to experience somewhere else, so I opted for a city the other end of England. Ever since moving It's become more and more apparent to me that normally its the other way around! So many people are flocking to London, and see it as our English version of 'The American Dream'. For me it will always be the best city in the world, I loved growing up around a culture so diverse. Although I have always been interested in fashion, I never saw it as something I would do as a job. I am a bit of a clash between some one who seeks intellectual knowledge (a philosopher) and someone who loves the beauty of the exterior and the creativity of dressing,clothes and clothes as a display of our culture/era(fashionista!). I love creating an outfit to express your mood. Thats one reason why I started this blog, I want to display what I see about the world. Our time is so fast-changing that I want to capture what I think is important, and to put my stamp on it. I feel as if there is so much I want to say and post about, I wish I had more time to spend on this blog because I'm really loving doing it! Got so many gorge phots to put up, just you wait!....x

ps.i forgot to say I work at Vivienne Westwood, so i indulge my clothes loving there.

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