Tuesday, 24 August 2010

_Aggy in New York

I LOVE this photoshoot by Alasdair McLellan, styled by Beat Bollinger. It took place in New York. My favourite photo is the second of the first set. I love the light, and the white mesh top. It reminds me a bit of the aesthetic Shane meadows went for in his film 'This is England', sort of hard edge, raw, Aggy is quite androgynous in this photo, with her short hair, and tom-boy vibe. Far from the catwalk or high-end fashion shoots.There is nothing feminine about her in this photo, and I think this creates a seductive demur about her. The first photo reminds me a bit of a tramp on a bench, obviously she is far from this, but it makes her look free, in the 'you can be anything' mentality of New York. I'm liking her shaved head, not many girls can pull this off, especially in the first photo of the second set, her hair is harsh whilst her eyes are soft and cloudy. Lovely Shoot!Photos found on Vmagazines website...


  1. I ahve never seen these, wow!

    Thanks for sharing
    Argh been so busy lately. I haven't been to your blog for ages. I love the recent content, visit back to my blog soon <3 x

  2. Ahhh Le Pearl!!Iv missed hearing from you! Ye love these photos!I'll have a good gander now!Xx