Monday, 7 June 2010

_Industrial Graveyard

I have been absolutely miles away for the past month!I have had exams at university, and was so under the cosh that the laptop has had to be hidden for a bit. But now I'm back!

I did this photoshoot in Armley Mills, Leeds. The location was chosen for its industrial decay, the rusty machinery mixed with the textures and colours of the garments. Rory was photographing Grace, and I styled and took photos with a film camera and a Diana. Here are the ones that I took. It was a lovely sunny day,I think the warmth came through. The clothes we used were a mixture of bits and bobs, some vintage,Westwood and Topshop items.It was a fun day and break from work. My photographing skills are not up to scratch, but I enjoy doing it!!

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  1. Babe, these are GREEEEAATT!! I seriously LOVE.. keep taking snaps!