Wednesday, 30 June 2010

_Picnic in the Park

So thats what I've been doing since my return and on days off from work.Summer sales are all over the shops, but no money in my pocket right now!!Anyone got any bargains they want to share? Iv been wearing this straw hat all summer, its Red Label Vivienne Westwood, and has a red padded lining you can just see in the photo which fits around your head whilst the hat is oversized. I purchased this 'Barry M' pastel blue nail varnish for the Summer, love pastels, and BM is the best for colours, but not the best for chipping five seconds after its applied!!

1 comment:

  1. I never wear nail polish on my finger nails because of chipping... I'll want to keep fixing it! Byt every so often I will dare not to care and lash so bold colour on... I am really liking the blue!

    Also love your complete first outfit... It is so fresh and cool!