Friday, 18 December 2009


Here are some photos from The Baltic, Newcastle, I went on a day trip with Rory to see the exhibitions that I spoke about in an older post. The first three photos are from Martin Parr's 'Parr World', In one huge room there were collections of different things that fascinated him (art, postcards, various souvenirs).

Written on the Wall were his words "I have a collective gene". After walking around the whole thing it did make me think about continuing with collections. All children start collecting, be it rubber bands, pogs, gogos, marbles, my little ponies, its something we've all done at some point! And in this exhibition the collections were of things from the past 20 years which if they aren't collected by someone could easily be forgotten forever! Humans love nostalgia. I thought these watches with Osama Binladen faces on are crazy! And the various American Obama paraphernalia. Loved the spice girls choc bars!!!

The last photo is in Damien Hurst's 'Pharmacy' Exhibition.

The Baltic is a beautiful space, would really recommend it, and the shop is amazing.

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  1. those spice girls pics are pure 90s SICKNESS- so so good. Did you see the asda box of biscuits?! x x