Friday, 18 December 2009

_Westwood Christmas Party!

Last Friday (cannot believe its been a week already, and only a week till Christmas!!), We had our Christmas Party. It was in an Italian Restaurant in Chelsea. We were given a three course feast, and endless wine on the tables. That's why I have had to borrow some photos from a few photographers, because when I got home I realised I took hardly any photos, that and my skills aren't up to theirs,haha!! It was a really lovely evening, nice to meet with the rest of the company and all in the spirit of Christmas!Thanks Westwood and Merry Christmas!

These last four photos are by Xingi.

Photo taken by Rory van Millingen

These last two photos are important. The penultimate is of Murray- Vivienne's life long colleague-who has worked along side her for decades standing with Sara Stockbridge-a muse and model of Vivienne's throughout the 80s and her daughter. And the last one is of Ashlie and Rachel (two lovely girls I work with) and Vivienne herself.

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  1. You look so colourful lover! And I like Vivs metallic orange coat.