Thursday, 31 December 2009

_Christmas Day

Here are some photos from my christmas, I realise its New Years now, just been so busy working everyday. The last photo is of Rory opening his present that I made him. Its a squiggle cabinet!I used the Vivienne Westwood x Cole and Son wallpaper to upholster it. Am going to take another photo to see what its like without the wrapping on!


  1. WOAH look at all those prezzies!! Want a list of what everything is! lol. Whats the body thing babes? Is it vintage?

  2. The knickers!!HAHAH! They were from Santa (rorys mum) and they are John Smedley. A while ago she gave me a sleep set which was John Smedley & Agent Provocoteur. It so cute, it reminds me of licorice allsorts, the colours and has a pink pom pom on!!! Google John Smedley babes, and the other stuff was all stockings, was amazing!!!

  3. The sewing box is so good, such a thoughtful present, because she knew iv been trying to get into making my own things. On Rorys bed theres a Chanel look book, he's got 3 now, the latest one is from AW '92, you'd love to have a look through them, they are SO 90's is so funny looking at them now!